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About Total Dreamers

About TotalDreamer.com

TotalDreamer.com publishes short stories – fiction and original, inspirational stories and poetry. It offers the readers to read a high-quality content for free and prompts to read more.

Total Dreamers is a blog that resonates my desire, passion and dream. I don’t read a story or book, I live through it. I get inspired and influenced. Many good books and stories that I have read have actually crafted me. The more I read the more I grow. My way of expression is best when I am writing. The strategy to build something or the idea to do something originates when I write.


Total Dreamer

TotaDreamer.com as Author

Total Dreamers was formulated to quench the thirst for writing and thus expressing everything from my experience, my feelings to my bizarre imaginations. Apparently, you will be reading a compilation of inspirational stories with an author’s Insight. Later you will be beguiled and fascinated with the web series.

TotalDreamer.com As Online Publisher

I would love to feature the content of writers and poets provided they are original work and free from Plagiarism. TotalDreamer.com not only publishes the story but also shares it to its subscriber and on Social Media. You will be dazzled to see the comments and response you get from the readers.

However, the stories that can hook the reader or the poetry that can immerse the reader in profound thoughts are published at the site. If you want to submit your content, you can send it to [email protected] with your short bio of about 100-150 words.

The content received shall be reviewed and published as per the available schedule. This will be shared with you through email.

The authors or publications who want to publish the book reviews are also welcomed. You can mail me your e-book to [email protected]. The Book review will be published and marketed to the subscribers and the social media. The schedule for this will be shared with you.

Subscriptions and Newsletter

You can subscribe with TotalDreamer.com by click here. You one email per week about the content that has been published. You will also receive one email per week for product promotions.

However, TotalDreamer.com does not trade the user data. Your Privacy and Security when you are on site is well understood and is of utmost importance to me.


You can share your feedback about any content or any kind of opinion you held here. If you want to read about something, in particular, you can also share it too. I always respond to feedback and try to incorporate when relevant.

Shanu Shah

Total Dreamer

About Shanu

I am Reader, Writer and Dreamer. Later My two little-naughty kids made Painter, Dancer and Player.
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6 thoughts on “About Total Dreamers

  1. Hi,
    I liked your writing and articles.
    I just want to say that in today’s ‘Modern’ (read as weird) world, people are loosing emotional touch. So, I just wrote some lines and i want to share that with you.

    Hunt for the Heart

    The world is taken over by machines
    still the mind is ruled by heart
    The calculations are done on the screen
    but the hazy emotions are giving my nerves a start
    Virtually we are connected with the unknowns
    and the precious tangible bond is waiting in the corner
    The priorities are loading in the background in sequence
    letting the one sitting across you feeling like a stranger.

    I wish you well for the journey ahead!

  2. Hi Shanu, what a great read! I’m a would-be blogger. I just publish my first ever website just last month. Ha, ha, so now I’ve ticked of an item from my bucket list! Greeks great!

    I love the idea of publishing here. I’ll keep that in mind. Now I’m focusing on writing content for my website.

    I see much good stuff here. Will be visiting again. Nice job!

    By the way, my wife thinks I’m an insane dreamer!


    1. Hey Song, I am glad you liked the content. You will get an invitation letter for publishing story on the website shortly.

      And lastly, the wife is always right. ha ha.


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