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The Sobbing Girl: Part 8 – Not The End

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 8 – Not The End

The Sobbing Girl Part 8 - Not The End

There was an uneasy silence everywhere.  Things were quiet in the house since Vivek had met with the owner of the apartment.  Meera was also behaving normally.  Vivek found it very unnerving and decides to call Tarun for solace.  Tarun revealed that it happens sometimes after the sessions.  He also told him that as all the last rituals of the girl had been performed so there are chances that the angry spirit is not there for vengeance and he can perform some rituals that could help her to leave this world and even if she won’t leave, she won’t be able to enter Meera’s body again. While talking on the phone, Vivek could sense someone standing close to him but he shrugged the thought as Tarun already told that it was normal.


After the call, he came go kitchen as he was the kitchen to cook something.  All this while the things he saw in the session didn’t leave his mind. He got more uncomfortable with the sudden drop in temperature.  There was a putrefied smell coming from the fridge. On opening the fridge, he saw the rotten vegetables, it wasn’t possible as he opened the fridge before calling Tarun and till then everything was fine. He couldn’t understand anything.  Suddenly he saw a cockroach emerging from under the Cooktop. Followed by another and in a few seconds, there were roaches everywhere in the kitchen.  Vivek suffered from entomophobia, he got petrified at the view.  He felt like chocking, he called Meera for help but everything disappeared within a minute.  Terrified Vivek got up, poured himself a glass of water and got stunned to see blood coming out of the purifier.  He wanted to run out of the house instantly but couldn’t as Meera was also there.

Vivek decided to leave the house for few days till Tarun performed all the necessary rituals. Meera was bathing when the soul was torturing Vivek. Vivek knocked the door and asked her to get ready quickly as he had a surprise for her.  Vivek was waiting at the dining table when Meera came out. Vivek saw he coming and wasn’t sure who was coming towards him, new Meera or his wife. Vivek’s dilemma was right, Meera came, she had tears in her eyes. Vivek got worried to see her crying, he was about to ask her the reason for her tears, when with a swift motion

Meera grabbed his neck and pinned him against the wall. Vivek could not breathe, his feet were up in the air and the soul was growling. Slowly Meera’s face was replaced by the ugly skull who had met Meera on the terrace. It was Meera’s body and the sobbing girl’s face. For the first time, she was talking to Vivek. The voice seemed to be coming from the hollow space which was a mouth once but now it had just bones with no flesh in the names of lips. She accused him of betraying her, as she thought he won’t treat her like her husband treated her or the other tenants of the house. She expressed her disappointment in him for calling Tarun for help and now he had to pay the price for his mistake.

The doorbell rang, someone was on the door, Vivek thought that now she might release him but he was wrong. Tarun opened the main door with the duplicate keys Vivek had once given him and saw Vivek pinned to the wall trying to free himself from her clutches. Tarun put his hand into his bag but before he could do what he wished he was flying in the air. Both of them was experiencing the wrath of the angry ghost. She threw Tarun towards the window while still sharing holding Vivek in his hands.

Without getting noticed, Tarun slowly dragged himself closed to the dining table, quickly opened his bag and pulled out a water of holy water. He poured some water onto his palm and murmured a few words and then sprinkled on the spirit. The magic of the water worked, Meera collapsed on the floor and Vivek was free from the angry soul. Vivek ran towards Meera and helped her with the chair. Tarun told Vivek that after talking to him he sensed something evil and when he opened his computer to see the CCTV footage and he could notice the changes.

He was close to their apartment so instead of calling, he decided to come and meet him. Vivek could not thank him enough as if Tarun didn’t come, Vivek would have been dead by now. Tarun told him that they will perform the rituals right now as the spirit will be back soon and could be more dangerous. Tarun again drew a big circle, this time Meera was also sitting with them. He again drew a smaller circle and placed the jewelry of new Meera inside that. He had brought 2 bowls, camphor, matchsticks, some rose petals and a black thread with him. He placed a bowl in which he poured some camphor and oil and ignited the camphor.

In another bowl, he put some holy water from the bottle he always carried with him. He took the black thread and tied a knot. Then he murmured some words and tied another knot. He kept on chanting mantras and tying knots on the black thread, with each knot he would add a camphor piece in the flame and a rose petal in the water bowl which would turn black as soon as it would touch the water. After a few minutes, he tied the thread with knots on Meera’s hand.

He warned Vivek that the thread should not come off from Meera’s hand under any circumstances.  He poured some holy water and gave to Meera and Vivek and gestured them to drink it. He kept on chanting the Mantras and drew some figures in each corner of the house and at the main door. After covering all the corners, he came back to the circle. He told Vivek that he had made protective figures in every corner, this would not allow the spirit to enter the house. He gave him another bottle of holy water and asked to keep it at a safe place in the house for positive energy.

After helping Meera to get up, Tarun cleaned up everything and put everything in different packets. He seemed a bit worried about the all the rose petal turning black as earlier the last few petals remained unchanged which didn’t happen this time but he was sure that the poltergeist could not harm them anymore. He wished them all the luck and blessings in the world, advised them to have a bath and visit any temple at the earliest and warned them to take care of the thread before leaving.

Everything was back to normal in Meera and Vivek’s life, they even managed to build a small corner for pooja in their house.  Vivek now believed in the supernatural powers and started visiting the temple on regular basis. For fun once or twice Meera acted as the new Meera to scare him to death. They deleted all the pics from the laptop also. Tarun, on the other hand, became busy in his other extraterritorial adventures until one day when he was working in his office, his thoughts wandered off to Meera and Vivek.

He thought of the first session he had with Vivek and suddenly he remembered that the husband had cut her wife’s finger and there was no way anyone would have found that finger.  This meant that all her body was not properly cremated and even the last rituals didn’t hold any importance. He picked up his phone to call Vivek but before he could connect the call, a white figure appeared in front of him and pushed his chair down the window of the 15th floor of the building.

At the same time, Vivek received a text message from Tarun in which he told Vivek that he was giving up his adventures with the spirits and was moving out of India. Vivek passed on the message to Meera. No one could notice the ugly pale white figures sitting in her favorite corner. The sobbing girl was smiling again.

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