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The Sobbing Girl: Part 5 – No Help

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 5 – No Help

The Sobbing Girl Part 5 - No Help

Tara kaki opened the door and saw Meera cowering near the dining table. She instantly helped her get up on her feet and walked her to bed. Meera was her daughter’s age and she treated her like her daughter. Kaki was also aware of the changes the poor girl was going through, though she didn’t discuss it with Meera or Vivek as she wasn’t oblivious to the fact that the spirit was very powerful and if she tried to discuss anything here she would place all the lives in peril. Her heart ached to see Meera yet she wasn’t able to help her. She prepared tea for Meera and helped her to get up. She combed her hair and offered her help if she wanted to have a bath which Meera declined. She did help Meera to change her clothes She gave her couple of pillows to support her back, Meera leaned backwards. Once a chirpy girl looked gloomy now.

Tara kaki’s heart sank to see her like that. She advised Meera to hold herself together as it will take a lot of strength to fight the dark shadows in her life. She also instructed her not to discuss anything with her there. The revelation of her maid about the situation came both as a shock and relief to Meera. She saw the light in the tunnel. Someone knew that she was suffering even if the person could not help her. Meera could hear her maid doing the household chores. She wanted to ask her if she knew anything that could help her to get out from this chaos but she didn’t as Meera didn’t want to engage anyone else in her messy situation.

Tara Kaki completed her work, asked Meera to chant some mantras or hymns and pray to God as He is the only one who can help, she continued. Tucked in her bed Meera was staring at the ceiling, she prayed to God to send her some help to fight with the evil girl when she saw some visual on her TV. She thought she accidentally hit the TV remote and turned it on, she fished for the remote on the bed but couldn’t find any. She changed her decision to turn the TV off and started watching. She thought that watching TV might help her to divert her mind but what she saw on TV traumatized her. It was like a CCTV camera footage and the screen was displaying the area of their staircase where Tara Kaki was descending the stairs. Suddenly a white figured appeared behind her and pushed her down the staircase. Meera gasped. She could not believe what she just saw. The TV got turned off by itself and the Sobbing girl appeared in the TV set. Meera, dumbfound, saw her emerging from TV set and stand near Meera’s feet. In the next moment, she was hovering over Meera.

Meera was stupefied to see her in mid-air. Suddenly the whole room turned white, all the things on walls, cabinets, TV, everything just vanished into thin air. Meera lay on her bed in an empty room with a while pale ugly shadow over her. Then the white walls of the room started to bleed, Meera could see the blood oozing out from the walls and could hear the pleads in the female voice which turned into screams within a few seconds.  Numerous hands came out from the bed and held her tight, she couldn’t move, couldn’t shout for help. The body of the girl in mid-air shattered into tiny pieces and those tiny pieces aimed towards Meera’s body and started entering it. Meera felt like being electrocuted. The hands on the bed disappeared and Meera’s body was also floating in the air now.  A beam of energy was connecting two bodies while both the bodies are hanging in the air.

After a few seconds, the Sobbing girl decides to withdraw her energy from the bag of bones and drifts away leaving petrified Meera on her bed in the room whose decor was changed the New Meera. Everything was normal now. The Sobbing girl had shown her the trailer of her energy and killed Tara Kaki who was her ray of hope. Meera couldn’t bear more torture and wished she could die. Her wrist wound was also healing and she didn’t want anyone to claim on her body and soul again. She didn’t have the courage to fight with an unknown evil force alone, so she decided to end her life.

With a lot of strength, Meera pulled her body from the bed and dragged herself to the kitchen area. Meera opened the cutlery drawer and looked for the knife but to her whammy, all the drawers opened together. The Sobbing girl was not happy with the trailer of her power she displayed in the bedroom and wanted to flaunt some more. The drawers starting opening and shutting one after another. Meera slowly dragged herself to the kitchen wall with the knife in her hand and saw the utensils flying in the air.

And within few seconds all the utensils crashed to the ground and then disappeared. Meera didn’t know whether she was hallucinating or the ugly spirit was playing games with her. Meera looked at the knife in her hand and tried to cut her wrist but she was unable to move her hand. The wicked soul was not allowing Meera to take her life. How can she let go of a body which was her new home! Meera saw her sitting on the kitchen counter. Meera’s eyes welled with tears but the Sobbing Girl was smiling.

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