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The Sobbing Girl: Part 4 – Some Changes Are Bad

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 4: Some Changes Are Bad

The Sobbing Girl Part 4 - Some Changes Are Bad

Vivek was in a lot of distress after Meera tried to commit suicide. He knew Meera was a very strong girl so it was hard to believe when she took such a drastic step over a petty issue. After a month of shifting in the new apartment, Meera’s had transformed into a different person. The new Meera was similar to him as a person, she was now an extrovert person, enjoys being outdoors, she even developed her likeness towards non vegetarian food but deep inside in his heart he missed his shy and innocent wife, who would go out with him but after a lot of persuasions.

Her introvert nature was the main reason Vivek got attracted to her. He missed those little arguments related to food and dining out. The new Meera was more supportive of everything they did. She allowed him to eat whatever he wanted and also joined him. She was more comfortable with their acts of love and to his surprise, experimental too. They have gone for so many short trips, she never complained about his long working hours but still, it felt like she was some other person and he was jolted to the core when her wrist when he hinted about her changed personality.

Vivek could not share his feelings with anyone as he thought if he shared people would become judgmental and will think that he wanted a timid wife who is happy being a subordinate to her husband and have no personality of her own. There were things he noticed that the old Meera would never do. Once he came home late at night and saw her sleeping on the floor.

The other day she was eating from the serving bowl and with her hands. On asking she just replied that she could not control her hunger. Some days she will behave like her old self and then the next day she will be a completely transformed into another person. One day she even helped him with his shoes, which he despised and told her not to do that in future. Vivek wanted the old Meera back with whom he fell in love with and married but didn’t know how to go that.

After the suicide episode, Meera felt normal for almost a week. It was the longest time she was in her senses after the terrace incident. Now she had decided that she will fight with the evil spirit but the main concern was that she could not tell Vivek anything as she didn’t want to jeopardize her relationship, her husband, and her life. Meera was keeping a very bad health, the negative energy of the evil spirit in her body had delayed the healing process of the cut on her wrist which further got infected. All this had only favored Meera as she now could think of some solution to the problem.

Meera had hired a maid when they shifted to this apartment. Other than Vivek she was the only person who was in direct contact with Meera. She was an old lady who was working in the society for 30 years. She knew everyone in the building and also about the incidents that took place which resulted in the locking of the top terrace. She once asked Meera to thank God as she is very lucky to have a husband like Vivek who is so helpful and understanding as the couple who lived there earlier had a lot of problems in their lives. Meera knew that she can ask the maid for help but she was under the watch of the Sobbing girl, so could not ask her.


Meera couldn’t talk to Vivek directly about the spirit so she decided to write a mail to him. She took the laptop and placed it on the dining table. She wasn’t prepared to get another shock when she opened the picture folder. There were numerous pics of them partying together, shopping, outdoor sports. There were numerous folders which were named according to the place they visited and then she saw a folder named as ‘Private’. She clicked on the folder and saw something which broke her heart.

The folder had intimate pictures of her and her husband, some videos which were taken during ‘the act’. Her heart ached on the visuals, she has been cheated by her husband without the realization that he is cheating his wife. Now she discovered why her husband wasn’t bothered about her feeling unconscious every few days. How would he have noticed her ill health as her body was always there with a different soul in it living with him, doing things she would do after a lot of pleading and somethings that she would absolutely refuse to do. Tears rolled from her eyes but this time she won’t let anything stop her from telling her husband that the girl who is living with him was not her. Someone was living in her body without her permission and pretending to be her.


She wiped her tears and saw her reflection in the mirror, reminding herself that she would do anything to see her reflection like that. She opened her mail account and filled Vivek’s email id. She started typing the incident on the terrace but something strange started happening, whenever she clicked the enter button, everything would get erased. She rebooted the laptop and start typing again only to get a similar result. While struggling to type her pathos she fortuitously looked in the mirror and was taken aback. Whatever she was typing on the screen, every word was appearing on the mirror drenched in blood. Whenever she would press enter, words would disappear from the screen as well as from the mirror.

Again, the Sobbing Girl was sending a message that she won’t allow Meera to tell her story.  The helpless girl turned off the laptop and sat there watching her reflection in the mirror and to her horror, her image just vanished, she couldn’t see herself there anymore. Slowly a figure start appearing in the mirror, a pale ugly face of the Sobbing girl was now staring at her from the mirror. The Sobbing girl was smiling.

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