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A Short Story with Moral – A Candle

Inspiration is needed at all times to keeping moving towards our goal and ignore the shit that happens all the time. And the Inspiration should be quick and crisp. Short Story with Moral hence becomes the story that will pump up your inspiration in minutia.

A Candle

One evening a man took a small candle from a box and began to climb a long winding stairway.

“Where are we going?” asked the candle. “We’re going up higher than the house to show the ships the way to the harbor.”

“But no ships in the harbor could ever see my light,” the candle said. “It is so very small.”



“If your light is small,” the man said, “just keep on burning bright and leave rest to me.”

When they reached the top of the long stairs, they came to a large lamp. Then he took the little candle and lit the lamp.

Soon the large polished mirrors behind the lamp sent beams of light out across the miles of sea.

The start of an avalanche is a little drop of snow and as it rolls it becomes mighty. When the sun shines what can a little candle do? But in the thick darkness of the night, even the little candle gets its importance as it expels the darkness. Each of us has our little role to play in this life here on earth. When we keep shining and do our duties diligently we become important to the world and find our purpose of life. Our role may be significant or insignificant but what is important how ardent and sincere are we in pursuing it without discouragement.

A tiny candle or match can start a forest fire. The little flames of your good example can actually change the lives of others without you knowing it. Can I be the light to my life and the life of others?

How significant is my light? Do I value my own light?

What efforts do I take to pass on the light from my little candle to others?

“Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life is impossible.”

Author: Leo Tolstoy


Many times I have witnessed, that managers or big heads not considering the entry-level or band 1 employees for their inputs. They think inexperienced people should take notes and let the brainy-experienced head work. This is not correct, neither relevant. One should always keep their cup empty.

Every individual has different skill set and different observation angel. He / She might observe or decipher what you can’t.  And giving a chance to the newbie and just listening to her / his opinion seldom harms. This story says very much about the importance of these band 1 or entry level employees.

In personal life this story applies to our teenage kids. While taking big decisions at home like investing in property or going for foreign vacation we discuss with our fellow partners or friends. But the teenage kids who are empowered with smartphones have lot to share if asked.  And many enthusiastic kids often come up with best solution but we ignore them thinking they don’t hold experience in this field.I always recommend

I always recommend let the teenage lot browse and come up with good ideas. This way they feel significant and their knowledge is put to proper use. And you never know that what they know is what you actually want.

Inspiring Story 1 – 80th Level

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