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Retributioner – The Woman Who Fought Back Chapter 2


Retributioner is a fictional story. It is a story of woman who gets married at young age and later faces mental and physical agony. She chooses to fight back and end the ill treatment by her own way. Retributioner is first story of the anthology – Wrath of Angels

Chapter 2

Two years later Ananya, who was skeleton thin, paled skin, wrapped in saree that also covers her head but show her pale, undernourished waist skin that has been scratched, was pregnant again. Her family were happy to find that they will soon have their heir. But the happiness was only for them, the machine that produces their heir was programmed to do lots of chores with a small baby and pregnancy. Nine months went by and she was lying on the delivery table.


“A bitch again! She is useless. Find yourself a better wife. We are old. All we are asking is an heir. And your wife will just kill us with her tantrum” her mother-in-law rebuked her son pointing to Ananya.


Ananya cried and went to her mother’s home for some time with her two daughters. After a month of discussions, reconciliations, Ananya was taken back to her husband’s place. When her elder daughter turned 4, her mother-in-law asked her to teach her household chores. Ananya coaxed and put her to school.


She was pregnant again. But this time, the in-laws decided to do sex determination. It was a girl again and hence five month old foetus was aborted. Yet again after three abortions, she was pregnant this time to her own delight it was a boy. She delivered a boy that lived only for three months and died.


Ananya was cursed to deliver a defective boy and she became an incapable woman; a social stigma that no one wanted. She was condemned and boycotted on various family gatherings. She was pregnant for 14 times; delivered four babies and aborted ten foetuses after sex determination.


The fourth baby was a boy that survived and is now two years old. But the statistics give me goosebumps. It makes me apprehensive about being women, being able to produce a baby. It shatters my trust on marriage and the family of the spouse. I am blessed with an adorable husband who loves me and helps me even with household chores. But the fact remains, that there are women in 2018 who have to fight to rest for two hours at noon, who are treated like vending machines that can deliver till their desire, that is robot deprived of feelings and need to rest. And believe me or not, yet I have seen Anaya cracking jokes and laughing, enjoying the festivals with us when she was allowed. When I see her I stop cribbing about my own unfulfilled desires and thank god for the wonders that he has bestowed on me and keep doing so.


After the birth of the “Heir”, her husband fucked her hard to which she screamed. Again within a week, he went to Singapore to celebrate, alone. He got her a gift, handbag for the first time in her 15 years of marriage. There was one more handbag in his luggage. When she inquired, he told it’s for a loyal-old customer. She doubted.


Once when her husband was taking shower on a Sunday morning, his phone rang. She picked the phone and was about to answer when her husband snatched the phone and started the conversation in English; language that Ananya dint know. Illiterate Ananya was sure about her husband’s endeavors. She started to keep an eye on him. She woke at midnight and stealthily took his phone to the bathroom to check. The phone was password locked.


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