Retributioner Chapter 1
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Retributioner – The Woman Who Fought Back Chapter 1


Retributioner is a fictional story. It is a story of woman who gets married at young age and later faces mental and physical agony. She chooses to fight back and end the ill treatment by her own way. Retributioner is first story of the anthology – Wrath of Angels.

Chapter 1

As I opened the main door, she was standing at her door that is opposite to my house on the second floor where we have four flats on a single floor. She was restricting her own entry to a two-year-old rebellion who wanted to escape the safe walls and explore the world.  He kept pulling her loose drapes to make room for him for his spurt. She laughed at the newly learnt naughty skill of her son. I was watching her and smiling as the kid show his determination to escape.

Retributioner Chapter 1

Her smile made a cold dreed seep through me. I closed the door and went to the loo; shut the door. Few tears escape my eyes as I remember her coming to me every time she was pregnant and later abortions. My own breed banged the bathroom door; for them being closed in the bathroom is a crime. They will not let you sit there.  My hands on my white pebble-printed acrylic round-cone shaped basin; eyes fixed to an oval mirror with shell studded border; mind wandering to the events that have passed recently and that are going to happen. I was thrilled with fear and agony and that feeling was mutual for both of us. As the bang on the door with screams of “mumma” increased I washed my face and came out smiling.


My three-year-old daughter asked me. “Mom, why are you crying?” That little angel always saw through my eyes.


“Nothing, I am just missing my mom,” I told her with a wink.


I took them to their room and gave them some toys to play while I cook the lunch. The monstrous acts spawned by her husband were still on my mind.


Her name is Ananya Soni. At 15 years she got married, and at 18 she gave birth to her first child.


“Eeow! It’s a girl. Throw her somewhere. This is waste of time and money. We have spent twenty thousand rupees for your operation for this piece of trash” her mother-in-law blustered.


Ananya cried.


She wore a simple chiffon saree, married to a jeweller, she owned no gold. On contrary she wore a black thread with an “A” pendant around her neck and plastic bangles that will not break when she washed utensils, clothes, do dusting and cleaning of the house. After just four days of her C-section, she started all these house chores and cooking meals while feeding her beautiful daughter.


At night, her husband fucked her hard and she screamed out of pain; her daughter cried but her husband didn’t leave her to feed the little baby. Next day he went to Dubai for some “motivation” and “fresh air”. She asked me to give her Combiflame as her private part pained severely and all work is pending. I offered to take her to the doctor to which she denied. Her mother-in-law didn’t allow her to sleep at noon, but she fought that day to get some rest. She screamed loudly that she has got pain, a lot of it. She could not sleep; eyes filled with water, heart excruciating.

Author Shanu Shah

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