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Love Me Forever – Book Review Author Nisha Gandhi Fofaria

Love Me Forever –  Book Review

Love Me Forever is a romantic love triangle that will take you with different twists and turns to and hook you to the story. The Author of the novel is Nisha Gandhi Fofaria whom you will adore to have offered such a beautiful relationship for us to read and want.


Author: Nisha Gandhi Faforia

Genre: Romantic

Pages: 277

Publication: Notion Press

Love Me Forever Story in Nutshell

The main Character is Samaira around which the whole story revolves and her love of life Kevin who is a playboy. Samaira had a nasty background that ran away from her home in pursuit of better life and landed a job at the parlour. The Parlour owner who was impressed with Samaira’s looks and work disappeared that benefitted her with Parlour and a mansion. She started her post-graduation where she found a very good friend Rachel.


Both of them rejoiced their friendship till they bumped into Kevin. Kevin was introduced to the duo by a road accident and him having to limp due to the broken leg. Rachel found him immediately attractive and falls for him while Samaira held her feelings. Kevin thought of taking a shot at Samaira for some unknown reasons but he kept flirting with Rachel too, for the time being.


Hatred grew between Samaira and Rachel as they both wanted Kevin.  The distance between the friends brought Samiara and Kevin near and built the unbreakable bond. But life has a different story, Kevin moved to foreign land in pursuit of his dream living Samiara alone to fight Cancer that she has just developed.


The author will take you on the emotional ride of the suffering of Samaira, her agony and anxiety when she was hit with Ovarian Cancer. Cancer is not an easy fight but Samaira did steal some more time to complete her few dreams.


When Samaira was being treated with Cancer, Rachel reached the hospital to add poison and make it difficult for her to survive so that she can have Kevin.


So what was Kevin doing all this time? I would be glad if you read the story fully. You will dream to meet a playboy like Kevin if you are still single.


About the Author

Nisha Gandhi Faforia is a multi-talented personality, with an MBA in Human Resources and Marketing, followed by 4 years of corporate experience. She has also explored the education sector, with a decade of teaching experience to her credit. She also writes content for a few websites in multiple genres.

After having been an avid reader for many years, she took to blogging and story writing. Her passion for stories grew when readers of her blogs urged her to take up writing professionally. She has multiple blogs and stories in her kitty, which she plans to shape in the form of novels. She wishes to write stories which every person can connect with.


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