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Kalian’s Lure – Sleeping with the Vampire

The cold air that crept under the barn door made Sydney shiver. It had rained in the evening and now the fog was thicker than ever. She stood frozen as she watched the shadow get close to the door.
“Get it together Sydney,” she mumbled to herself.


The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as the door creaked open.
“Yes, Sydney, get it together.” The figure emerged from the fog and stepped into the light.
“Jesus Christ, Thomas. You scared the shit out of me; do you always have to be so creepy?” She said breathing a sigh of relief.

“Nope, not Jesus, just this handsome devil and you should really learn to mumble lower,” Thomas said.
“Maybe you should learn to stop eavesdropping.” Sydney shot back, annoyed that he heard her freaking out.

“Vamp hearing, love, and what do you have for me,” ask Thomas as he stepped over to Sydney. He got closer than she wanted and she took a few steps back.

“Don’t be an ass, Thomas, and where the hell is Kalian? He knows I only make drops to him.”
“He was busy love, but don’t worry I doubt he’s searching for another blood delivery whore to replace you. You are in this lovely barn this hour of the night because you refuse to do what you were meant to do in the first place.” Thomas said.

He gave Sydney a smirk that made her spine tingle and not in a good way.
“I’m not worried about that and tell Kalian if cant bother to show up when he is supposed to then maybe he doesn’t need me. And don’t need that crappy job at a blood bank. Changing plans twenty minutes before drop time benefits no one.”

“Don’t forget you are just another food source who fell in love with Kalian and if it was up to me, you’d be where all the other lures are, buried in the backyard.
“ I can’t keep doing this forever by the way, sooner or later shit will get messy,” Sydney exclaimed while handing him the case full of blood bags she stole from the blood bank where she works. “And by the way, you don’t scare me, Thomas,”
“You’re heartbeat says different” Thomas said and disappear into the fog once again.
Douche bag Sydney thought, as she hurried back to her car.

She sat with her head buried in her hand and before she knew it the tears came running down. Thomas words tore through her. She was just another food supply who fell in love with her captor. She allowed her mind to drift back to the night she met Kalian and his nest.

It was late and she was heading home form a late shift a diner where she worked. One mile out on route 98 and everything change for her, forever. The last thing she remembers was swinging as hard as she could in order to not hit the man who was standing in the middle of the road.

She woke up bloodied and tied up in the very barn that was now her drop spot for Kalian and his family.
If it wasn’t for Thomas’s creepy habit of taunting and traumatizing his victims and Kalian intervening she’d be dead.

She listened as they argued about hunting and exposing their home.
“I can be helpful to all of you, I’ll do whatever you want just please don’t kill me,” the words that signed away her soul to the devil but she needed to survive.

She remembers everything about waking up in that barn, even the way the smell of blood filled her nostrils. But most of all she remembers Kalian. His dark black hair and pale skin, he was handsome and his British accent might have had something to do with his appeal. She immediately knew what he was, even though the conversation they had with her when her head was covered under the hood gave her a pretty good idea of what as taking place.

She was either going to be lunch or dinner for a nest of vampires and she can’t believe she didn’t believe her dad’s ramblings about his encounters with vampires. All though in her defence he had dementia.
Maybe it was a case of doing everything to survive; maybe it was even about falling in love with her capturer, well one of them. It’s like when a kidnapped victim identifies with their capture and ends up becoming like them.
Sydney’s phone rang and jolted her back to the present.
“Kalian, what the hell?” she answered.
“It`s better you don’t know love, I had family business to attend to.” his strong British accent echoed through the speakers.
“Where are you?” he asked.
“On my way home, I just finish feeding your people and you know how I feel about Thomas, so next time please show up.”

“I’ll honour my commitment next time love, and Thomas can’t arm you, you know that.”
“I doubt he’ll listen to you forever Kalian,” she replied.
Silence fell as neither of them said anything.
“I have to get home now,” Sydney said and ended the call.
She started the car and speed off down the dirt road.
I need a long, warm shower, it’s been one of those days, she thought.


She tiptoed downstairs, but the gun in her hand didn’t stop her from being terrified.

“You know that won’t cause me any arm, love.” Kalian voice interrupted the dead silence.
“Why do you keep doing this? Can’t you just call, like any normal person?” Sydney said lowering the gun. Her heart was beating out of control.

Kalian stepped over to her and pushed her against the wall. He slipped the gun from her grips and placed it on the ground.
“You know in not normal people.” He whispered.
He was much stronger than she and she didn’t fight it, she flung her head back and gasp in unbelievable pleasure has his lips touched her neck and his hands slid her robe off.

He held her against his body and she gave in to him. He picked her up and as he climbed the stairs with her in his arms and her legs wrapped around his waist, they kissed, hungrily and eagerly and she wanted him more than anything at that moment.

“Oh Kalian,” she whispered as he sunk his fangs into her neck, the pain was masked by the pleasure that coursed through her body. Sydney closed her eyes and allowed her mind, body and soul to be devoured by the devil she continued to let in her bed.


To be continued…

Author: Shanna-kay Kristy:

Shanna-kay Kristy is Jamaican, born and bred also a Lover of the arts and nature.
At a tender age, she discovered magic and adventure on the pages of a book and soon set out to create
the same magic for someone else to stumble upon. Currently saving an imaginary world she created on paper and laughing at her own jokes. Also very curious about what the true meaning of life is, and all the other stuff that people take very seriously.

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  1. I like the twist of this story, like human loving vamp ?….. Good name choice for vamp kalian lol ? definitely a vamp’s name..

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