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Kalian’s lure – Paying Our Dues (Vampire Story – The End)

Sydney and Mark got out of the car and entered the house; they stumbled into the kitchen. It was pitching black, she made no move to turn on the light. They came to a stop when Mark bumped into the dining table.

“Shit!” Mark exclaimed.


“My bad,” said Sydney. “She leaned in and kissed him. Softly and as he leaned in to taste more of her, she pulled back.

“Stay here while I go freshen up,” she said and walked towards the living room.

Sydney stepped into the living room and four figures formed in the darkness.

“He’s in the kitchen she whispered and exited through the front door.

Overcome by guilt she ripped the wig from her head and fell to the ground. My name is Mark, by the way, the words played in her head. So did the face of the other Marks and Tracys and Michaels. All the victims she tricked to accompany her home to be murdered so she could stay alive.

Screams of horror erupted in the house and broke the silence of the night, the sounds like a poor, helpless animal were being mauled by bigger, stronger, faster animals and it made her sick.

Sydney ran into the nearby bushes and began to puke; it flew out of her like a torpedo. As she staggered to her feet and the sounds of Mark’s crying died down she began to cry. The tears streamed down her face and settled on her lips.

This price isn’t worth it anymore.   She thought.

Sydney stood in the middle of the driveway, wondering what she was going to do with Mark’s car, realizing she screwed up, there feeding house address was programmed into his GPS and that car had to anywhere but here.

Mark will be just another victim, chalked up to missing or they’ll find pieces of him and say it was an animal attack. The thought made her sick again.

“Get it together Sydney,” Kalian said.

She turned to meet his gaze, his bloodstained face.

“I can’t do this anymore Kalian, I just can’t.”

“This was your choice, you wanted to stay alive to help us, you did and you are.”

“Kalian please, if you ever loved me like you said, I can’t be this person anymore”

“What person exactly?” he asked, stepping closer to her.

The smell of blood was overwhelming but she ignored it and pleads her case.

“I’m a monster, the dozens and dozens of people I’ve seen dead, just so I can breathe. I agreed to pay the price but I now realize it’s too high. So I’m asking for the last time, make me what you are.” Her voice was loud and cracked as she got close to tears.

Sydney stepped closer and placed her hands on Kalians face, staring into his eyes that were now turning red.

“I just wanna feel better, I can’t forget their faces and I can’t get their scrams out of my head. I need to be like you. That way we can also be together forever. Another thing I want so badly.” She said.

Kalian grabbed ahold of her hands, to the point where it brought her pain.

“This is what you are so eager to be? He asked his eyes now ruby red and his long fangs push passed his bloodstained lips.

“Answer me Sydney. Is this what you want to be? You say you are a monster but until you have torn into someone’s neck and feel the life drain from their bodies so you can live, you have no idea what a monster is.”

“I am the reason many of those lives get sucked out Kalian, to save you and your family. Even your psychopathic brother who got me into this in the first place.”

“You did this out of your own need to live, you choose to be a lure for a nest of vampire because of your own selfish need, love,” Kalian snapped.

“Maybe I did, just so I can survive. But the burden that comes with being alive isn’t worth it. My soul is already damned to hell. So once more I’m being selfish and I want to delay that trip for as long as I can. Maybe a few hundred years, so turn me.”

Kalian said nothing; he just stood there and stared at Sydney. His face blank of expression and emotions.

“You are more useful as human.” He finally aid and turned and walked off towards the house.

“And get rid of that damn car.” He shouted over his shoulders.

Sydney stood frozen in disbelief, her brain replaying the words of Thomas.

“He was right.” she gasps and fell to the ground.

“I am just another victim who sympathized with their abductor; I’m nothing to Kalian, nothing more than a meal ticket”

Realizing where she stood with Kalian and his family hit her like a fray train, he chest pained and her breaths were sharp and painful.

“I am expendable” she mumbled to herself. Sydney stumbled to her feet and got into Marks car. Her hands trembled as he tried to put the key in the hole and her vision was impaired by constant tears that flow down her face.

She wiped her eyes and has the engine hummed to life, so did a plan to get away from Kalian and this life. Once and for all


Sydney pulled off the road and turned unto a dirt track that leads into the woods. It was dark and the sounds of crickets echoed through the thick trees. She shut off the car and sat in the dark.

All I’ll ever be is a human with a damaged soul, a murderer. She thought.

Sydney reached into her purse and pulled out her gun, she was flooded with adrenaline and her beat out of control.

She slowly raised the gun up to her head and with trembling hands, she pulled the trigger and the loud bang of the gunshot rang out into the night, causing a few birds to flee their nest atop the oak tree. The sound of the car horn followed a few seconds after, the loud and continuous hunk that will disturb the sanctity of the woods for what seemed like forever.

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Author: Shanna-kay Kristy:

Shanna-kay Kristy is Jamaican, born and bred also a Lover of the arts and nature.
At a tender age, she discovered magic and adventure on the pages of a book and soon set out to create
the same magic for someone else to stumble upon. Currently saving an imaginary world she created on paper and laughing at her own jokes. Also very curious to what the true meaning of life is, and all the other stuff that people take very seriously.

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