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I’m New India – Stimulations from Narendra Modi

What Narendra Modi Said?

India is free and it’s been 70 years now. August 15 thus becomes a prominent day and a reason for nation-wide celebrations. As a protocol the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) of India gives a motivational speech from the Red fort every year on this day. The importance of martyrs and the perseveranc

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Of India – Narendra Modi

e done by those great legends to make India free are thanked and recalled, sadly, but only on this day. Apparently, in 2017 we had a twist in this tradition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech completely focused on what India is now and his vision for New India by 2022.

He wants unity among India. And this is substantial need of the current times. Go to any part of the Indian Sub-continent and you will find people belonging to their caste or sub-caste but hardly people say I am Indian. People fight over petty issues over caste, honour kiilings go unpunished, and constant criticism for the other caste is the gossip of the day. Yet when Aamir Khan besmirched India on its safety part, every caste, every city, every Indian united and boycotted him. When there was bombarding on India-Pakistan Border and PM Narendra Modi called for boycott of trade between the nations, the business owners more than happily boycotted all the trade. That’s India United. Z Zindagi also withdrew its Pakistani Daily Soap.

PM Narendra Modi divulged the roadmap to develop farmers and the poor that were lagged behind owing to the self-centred strategies of Congress. The one-on-one meeting with the state BJP and Narendra Modi and the constant follow up from Amit Shah with the states unequivocally cues that the dream of New India will be manifested and we will be experiencing the path to the New India and attain the final destination. This I find very enthralling.

Since long we have been smothering due to corruption, less or no scope of growth. Prices were all time high and wages were lower. Poor became poorer while rich were scaling newer heights of success. Hard work, sincerity or honesty has no value. Many citizens left the country to earn wage on the foreign land. But now the time has change. The whole aura of country has changed. Incredibly there are no scandals out since 3 years of Narendra Modi’s Tenure. Corruption is low; demonetization has played its part in lowering the corruption too. Processes have been either digitalized or made faster. Shockingly government employees come on time, work and leave after their time is up. I, and may be you too, can feel the constructive change that is making India more successful. India has international prominence now. Recently, Donald Trump gave a speech wherein he mentioned India for fighting against terrorism. Narendra Modi is creating a history that India has never experienced. Or PM Narendra Modi is bringing the fame back, the fame India had attained during Indus Valley Civilization.

What I want from the New India?

  • Our fate in hands of Reservation/
    Our fate in hands of Reservation/
  • Overlooked Category
    Overlooked Category
  • Reservation Effect
    Reservation Effect

So I feel this is the right time to share my concern. I as a citizen of India from middle class and a general category don’t have any value. As the education either belongs to poor with certificates of Poverty or the rich with money. When after all the hard work if we get education, the government jobs too have similar reservations. We need a fix here for us – the lost-forgotten-overlooked general category citizens of India. No, I am not asking for any reservations of any kind in education or government jobs. I have been working hard and that’s my attitude to achieve with hard work. I am asking for a merit based Education System and Merit Based Employment. And if reservations are needed it should be based on Income levels only. Give 10 % reservations to absolutely no income or low income people we would be happy for that kind of merit. But the fact, that the low-caste-rich are getting admission with lesser fees than us, who are general-category-medium-income family. This is disheartening.

If it suits you, I would appreciate if you share this article in your Social Network and spread the word. I would also be pleased to hear your voice about reservations here in the comment section.

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  1. Hi, Shanu, Your question is very reasonable. I support you. I always give you hand. Keep it up. Keep on raising your questions for your rights. Don’t stop it.

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