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Asteria Book Review – Adrienne Enfinger

Asteria is a girl that has lost all her hopes and decides to end her life when she discovers a very handsome guy who introduces himself as Micah who advises her not to do so. This meeting with Micah will change her life forever and yet it would be the same.


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Total Pages: 261


Asteria is a Nephilim and a prophecy. The girl, working in a corporate house and leading a normal life was abducted and almost killed, to find this truth. While reading this story, I was glued to my Kindle and kept sliding page after page till late night. The story is unpredictable and surely the one where I would lose myself. I would translate it to “can’t-keep-it-down” book.


The characters Micah, archangel, and Kendra, friend of Asteria, are very beautifully crafted.  The synergy of characters and the events as it unfolds is very exquisitely done. The story of fight between angels and demons are old, yet I find Asteria that is of same genre very intriguing. Adrienne, has also created fallen angels or the angels who revolted against the prophecy and become as said.


While the story was actually moving ahead of my eyes, it ended abruptly. I had a word with the author and she said she may be launching the sequel soon.

Author Bio:

Adrienne Enfinger is an RN, BSN who lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. She is a lover of all things fantasy and is an avid reader of YA fantasy.

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