Fate of Poetry
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The Fate of Poetry – Ashok Nair

Fate of Poetry

A ten year old child
was writing a piece of poetry!
Hiding inside in his bathroom..
away from the glare of his parents and his relatives,
he was writing about the feeling of love!

The feeling of love he felt-
towards one of his classmates..
He wrote about the stars,the moon,
the wind, how the sublime beauty
of nature is related
to the beauty of that friend!..
after he finished the poem he folded
the piece of paper and hid that-
inside one of his books!
Next day he gave the poem-
to his friend whom he loved!
When we watch from a distance,
..from her angry reaction!
we can understand she did not
approve his action..,
The boy was crest fallen
in front of his eyes
his world has been broken-
he thought he had done a great crime
It is again night time..
the girl opens her note book-
and takes out that paper!
there that poem smiles at her innocently!
It is a poem of pure love!
With uncontrollable thirst..
she reads through that poem..
..after reading she crushes that paper-
inside her fists..and throws it out through the window!
Her eyes are filled with tears!
she cries bitterly.. she is uncontrollable!!
the tears wash through her painful soul!
Unfortunately she is born into a world..
where love is considered taboo..
or a sign of weakness!
out in the open a vegetable vendor
picks up that piece of paper!
he reads through those lines!
lines that speak of nature and love!!
After reading the poem..
he gives a wry ,sarcastic smile and
throws away that paper!
He continues his walk..
Pushing the empty vegetable cart..
through the darkening night!
and stops near a hooch shop..
as his terrified family awaits in his home
waiting for that drama of violence
which unfolds everyday on his arrival back home!
But today..
he looks at the moon, then those smiling stars..
the cool breeze blowing and
of the loved ones waiting in his home!
once when love existed in his life
how happy he was …he thought about those lines-
in the poem..and continued pushing his empty cart past the
hooch shop..today he decided he will reach home-
not as a drunkard..but as father and a husband!
The piece of paper carrying the poem-
was blown by the wind and it reached
the feet of a middle aged man!
He was out on the roads ,on a Saturday evening,
after a nasty brawl with his working wife!
Saturday evenings are always the time-
when both of them lets off their pent up feelings
and frustrations at work!
For him his world has ended
And the city stares at him as one whole-
dark, emptiness!!
As he stands there watching the stenchy drainage
flowing through the gutters…
the crushed piece of paper is blown towards his feet!
He picks up the paper and reads the poem
The starry eyes, the dimpled cheeks,
The brightening smile!
The first touch of love!
Through those lines, the innocence of nature
and of that cute little girl and the-
expressions of pure love smiles at him!
He rushes home ..and shows the poem
to his angry wife..she reads and tears it off!
But a few moments later..
The emotions flying out through those blissful lines..
as starry little Angels casts a spell on her!
she reaches her husband,smiles and tells
“let us forgive and forget”
as they are locked in an inseparable embrace..
The dump founded husband’s eyes searches for that paper
The paper which bore..
the torn pieces of that poem!


Ashok Nair is very well known Poet from India. He has published hundreds of Poetry in his book – Journey into Oblivion. You can buy it by clicking it here.

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