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Fairy Lights – Penned from the heart of Pooja Gandhi

Fairy lights

Fairy Lights

I am at ease
All the time
When I get scared
Of that pitch dark room
in the night
I come closer to you
And I hold your pinky
I hold it so tight
So that the pixie dust
Would come out
From the union

And I know by then
Nothing is going to
Hurt me
be it Dark night
Or silence and the creaking
And I know nothing is going
To hurt me
when you are around!

The promise
That you made to me
When I was 5 years old
When mumma and papa
were not around
On that cloudy, noisy night
Holding my pinky finger
Looking into my eyes
You said that
Nothing is going to hurt you
I promise!
I looked into
Your smiling loving eyes
And I show a twinkle
Twinkle of the fairy light
A light that kindles
Joy within
And makes me feel alive!

When I told you that
I show a fairy light
Into your eyes
You laughed
And you started
Reading me a story
Story of Tinkerbell, secret wings
and with every word
I visualize you and me
Being a fairy sisters
You always came
For the rescue
When I, a winter fairy
Younger sister of yours
Was found in trouble
You hold my wings tight
Passing your pixie dust
Giving life to my wings
To fly and aim high
And I fell asleep
with smile on my face
Holding your pinky tight 

And I know
In my heart of hearts
You are my energy source
You are the fairy with light!
I don’t need any promise
For assurance
When I told you this
You were agitated
And you tried to tell me
The fact that
You might not
Always be around
And you could not see
A tear rolling out
From my eyes
Again you hold me tight
And looked into my eyes
And said that
No matter wherever we are
I am your sister
And I am gonna
Protect you from
Every demon
I looked skeptical
That time
But now I know
You never broke
Your promise
You were always around
When I cried out aloud
With silent cry
You clutched my hands
You hold me tight
And narrated me the story
Story of tinkerbell again
And the very moment
My wings got light
And got energy
To aim high and fly

Pooja Gandhi

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