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The Easy Land – Book Review Author Brajesh Chikharam

The Easy Land – Book Review

The Easy Land
The Easy Land

The Easy Land without Money Land authored by Brajesh Chikharam was launched on July 24, 2017, in paperback by

The main character of the book is Mr. Instructor, a metaphor for God. Misako Ichikawa and Ajahar-El-Baz are characters that lived on Earth and were nominated to study The Easy Land. The Easy Land is a distant planet in the space that has life and was developed by the immigrants of the Earth. Mr. Instructor was God to the Easy Land and he has his followership.  Mr. Peter is narrator; he narrates various stories to the Earthly duo explicating the functions, operations, culture, and lifestyle of the Easy Land.

Brajesh has developed a whole new system on the Easy Land. It has no currency and the principle of equality is a highly celebrated phenomenon here. People have equal rights and property. The government bears the responsibility of its people. The citizens, on the other hand, have to work for gaining units that will be accumulated in their Unique Identity Number or UIN. These units can be waived off for luxury items. Only UIN balance can discern between the working and non-working class. The Crime is low for the reason that government owns everything and nurtures the citizens too.

Outlines of the book that really immerse me in profound thought are the principle on which the people should live. Letting go, paying no heed to trifles, respecting others and a little tolerance while constant introspection and self-improvement are the values that we have to incorporate into our daily lives.

The stories of Raman and Bo are noteworthy.  Raman’s story describes more about cultivating good habits for fruitful results while the boy called Bo that divulges about loving yourself first before stretching help to others.

Key Points from the Book:

  • How it will be when everyone gets equal wealth and there is no one poor. How it will be where there is no anybody’s ownership of anything.
  • Where people teach their thought to be the weapon, to shift their thoughts that helps them to get rid of nervousness and make them achieve their target.
  • Where they believe word and language are very important to make human viewpoint.
  • Where we learn we can achieve our target with routine/pattern.
  • Where government provides us secret panel to resolve illegitimate wish like murder, forced sex etc.
  • Where we should be taught from childhood how to keep our relations healthy. Rating: Average Read

I would rate the book as average. Brajesh has fostered the exceptional concept of living in the land without money. But many aspects of the book remain turbid. The book ends abruptly without hinting that the sequel will be releasing after certain duration. The concept is fabulous but a comprehensive narrative with an enhanced idea and clear communication could make it more engaging to the reader.


About Brajesh Chikharam:

Brajesh Chikharam started working in KPO after his business suffered a loss. His writing sometimes reflects his experience and the answer he got from it. He believes that we can live a peaceful life with healthy relations if we make small efforts regularly.

He is inspired by Buddha, Anthony Robbins and Paulo Coelho’s thoughts and writing. He likes to study history and psychology. This is his first book but while reading you would think, “Yeah, man, it happens like this!” and you feel intriguing.

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