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Brahmahatya – Book Review Author Rajiv Mittal


Brahmahatya Book Review

Brahmahatya is a fiction story that resonates the story of many old age people of India. India has a culture where parents and children always live together forever; even when they fight all day and seldom speak. Westernisation and the immigration of many young adults from the country have left the older generation to live alone. When in other countries this is normal, Indian old age people feel forlorn and depressed. Rajiv Mittal has penned the agony of old age people during their last breath and inhuman behaviour of children towards them. He has acquired knowledge about Indian Beliefs and Mythology from his dad and by reading Mahabharata, Samudra Manthan and Bhagwat Geeta, that you will be able to read in the book.

Author:                Rajiv Mittal

Genre:                  Fiction (Self-Improvement)

Pages:                   308

Publication:        Pothi.com

The Actors of Brahmahatya

The main character is Ravi who works in Dubai, has lucrative compensation, void of darkness and making friends with loneliness. His father, whose name is Narasimha, is a retired school teacher still trundling around with loads of health issues. On account of his ill health, he decided to admit him into GMR, which is Old Age Home for many millionaire sons.  GMR was founded by Mr Kasturi but now administered by his allies Dr Krishnamachari Iyenger, also known as Dr Chari, along with his staff members Bhavna Ramesh, Sridhar, Mr Venkatraman Reddy and some housekeeping staff.

Dr Chari held strict merit for admissions at GMR. Sridhar is doltish but obsequious while Reddy seldom works. Bhavna was dedicated to her job. She has a small kid. Her husband abandoned her when he discovered that she has given birth to a child with cerebral palsy.

The Story in NutshellBrahmhatya_ Boss


Ravi Narasimhan gets frustrated with his added burden of nurturing his old father who can no more take care of himself. His father, Mr Srinivasan Narasimhan, gets hospitalized and Ravi has to rush to India. He decided to admit him to Old age home at GMR which was declined by Dr Chari by virtue of deteriorating health.

After some time his father dies, leaving Ravi absolutely alone and depressed. He blames Dr Chari for his father’s death when he himself was not ready to take the responsibility. While serving his notice period at Dubai Office, he gets an email from GMR saying that they have accepted the application. He was astonished to yet he accepted the offer and decides to enter GMR masquerading as his father. Only Bhavna who was a student of Srinivasan Narasimha recognizes him. As Bhavna too had animosity for Dr Chari, she discarded the idea of pulling the trigger.

While Ravi was impersonating his father and living among many old people he realizes the paradigms of old people. The most beautiful dwelling with all amenities was still ageing, leading to death. The faces were distressed and haunted.

Mr Kasturi met Ravi and they exchange dialogues of their beliefs about life and Karma. His mention of how cruel it is to murder someone seeped through Ravi’s head like a lightning bolt.

On the other side, Bhavna discovered some secrets held by Sridhar and Reddy and later money laundering at GMR. Bhavna also stumbles upon Ravi often that ignited yearning for him.

At the end Ravi discovers that from all the people he has met one was the soul; all these days he was interacting and exchanging dialogues with a soul.

Read the story to know who it was.


What will amaze you?

Brahmahatya is a story that has lots of Sanskrit shlokas from Bhagwat Geeta, Mahabharata and Samudra Mathan. The author has derived this knowledge from his father and Mahabharata.

Mostly when it comes to Indian Culture the Gurus and babas will walk you to some blind faith and irrational ways to complete your dreams. But this book is rational and informs you overtly how some traditions can help you in defining yourself and improving your relations with your family and above all about the karma system. Yes, you will have to read in between the lines.

I have read a lot about Samundra Manthan, yet for the first time, I ever understood what it meant. If you absorb all the negativity and survive you will get Amrit at the end. Amrit here is the yield of all the churning and perseverance. Amrit means Nectar or Ambrosia – a potion for serene eternal life.


Many dialogues and tell-tales will immerse you in profound thoughts and you may get answers to many questions that you have not yet asked.

Brahmahatya – buy the book here.

  • A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Mr Kasturi to Ravi
    A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Mr Kasturi to Ravi
  • A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Boss to Ravi
    A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Boss to Ravi
  • A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Bhavna to Mr Kasturi
    A dialogue from Brahmahatya: Bhavna to Mr Kasturi

Rajiv Mittal Bio

Rajiv Mittal was born in Chennai, India in the early nineteen sixties. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a CPA from Australia. He now lives in Melbourne after a stint of several years in the Middle East. The writing was a vague aspiration. It became a reality thanks to a stranger who said I reminded him of the main character from Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. He quoted from it, ‘Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.’

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