5 Books You Must Read From New Author
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5 Books You Must Read From New Authors

5 Books you must read from new authors – these has been shortlisted after reading many books from new authors. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it possible for everyone who aspire to write and touch the readers’ hearts. I am avid reader and I come across many books sometimes they are absolutely amazing that the story lingers with me around.

So without wasting time let get to the list.

5 Books You Must Read From New Authors


1. Asteria By Andrienne Enfringer

Asteria is a girl that has lost all her hopes and decides to end her life when she discovers a very handsome guy who introduces himself as Micah who advises her not to do so. This meeting with Micah will change her life forever and yet it would be the same.


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Total Pages: 261


Asteria is a Nephilim and a prophecy. The girl, working in a corporate house and leading a normal life was abducted and almost killed, to find this truth. While reading this story, I was glued to my Kindle and kept sliding page after page till late night. The story is unpredictable and surely the one where I would lose myself. I would translate it to “can’t-keep-it-down” book.


The characters Micah, archangel, and Kendra, friend of Asteria, are very beautifully crafted.  The synergy of characters and the events as it unfolds is very exquisitely done. The story of fight between angels and demons are old, yet I find Asteria that is of same genre very intriguing. Adrienne, has also created fallen angels or the angels who revolted against the prophecy and become as said.

While the story was actually moving ahead of my eyes, it ended abruptly. I had a word with the author and she said she may be launching the sequel soon.

Author Bio: Adrienne Enfinger is an RN, BSN who lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. She is a lover of all things fantasy and is an avid reader of YA fantasy.

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2. Shunya by Dilip Shah

Shunya is a quest or questions that often we ask ourselves. The Author, Dilip Shah, is from, Mumbai who has created a rather intriguing character Mani and Shunya who wants many answers from life.


Genre: Fiction (Philosophy and Self-Help )

Total Pages: 120


I am slow with self-help books yet I keep pondering about the questions the answers to which were unknown to me. In the rational life and the rat-race, we often give up on introspection. This book is about looking inside, to our own existence. Many of us follow the path of eat-sleep-relish and die one day; we never know why we come in this world. I definitely felt intrigued to find out the purpose of my life.


I will not say that this is can’t-put-down book, yet the questions of Mani lingered in my mind. And I kept reading till the end to find the answers. The story also takes a new turn when Mani becomes the professional preacher with the help of marketing team while Shunya keeps his quest for answers going. The existence of God and the Creator of God are some of the questions that we shall never know, or maybe we can shift from God to the Supernatural Energy that we can feel and believe.


Author Bio:

The Author is a software engineer and has worked with multiple organizations in areas of development, testing, business analytics, operations management, an end to end delivery ownership and business development. He has many passions, including reading, writing, cycling, social service and spirituality. Shunya is his third (ad)venture in writing, His first two books were What Next? and 52. Shunya is not his story, but it is one that he and many can relate to.

You can Follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dilip2205

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3.  Old Letters New Demons By Richard DeVall

Old Letter and New Demons

Old Letters and New Demons is a novel of 115,000 words and is the combined genres, Historic and Speculative, for an adult audience. In 1929 Harry Crosby shot his girlfriend and two hours later he killed himself.

Genre: Historic, Speculative, Young Adult

Total Pages: 324


I found this novel remarkable with its mixture of Egyptian mythology, literary “mythology” (numerous quotes from letters from extraordinary writers / artists taking in the Scott Fitzgerald – Hemingway – Ezra Pound – Miller – Dali generation), his depiction of history and madness original, and the overall messages relevant, demanding and very thought-provoking. If I do have a quibble, it is with his title. For me there is nothing new about the demons he depicts – or more importantly the demon – delusion. Fuelled by drugs and sex, the novel moves between different worlds and different time-periods to create a rich but appalling tapestry of illness, crime, sensation and sensationalism. Failure at so many levels is explored, and even the letters in which Ezra Pound’s friends complain that the poet should not be persecuted because “harmless” ring the somber toll.
Excellent, pathetic, farcical, extraordinary. Once you begin to enjoy and explore Devall’s narrative worlds – all interrelating at and on different levels – you find yourself compelled to read, and appreciate, Devall’s intellectual endeavour.


This novel is now available to be downloaded onto anything with a screen, a tablet, a desk top, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo and more.

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Author Bio:

Richard DeVall is a native of Virginia. He is a retired General Contractor turned author. Old Letters and New Demons is his first novel. His reading material leans toward National best sellers and Booker award novels. He likes novels that teach you something about history as well as the exploration of geographical or cultural settings outside the United States. He is now working on a second novel, Pablo’s Apprentice and has sent the first 360 pages out to be edited. He hopes to have that novel to market by September or perhaps October of 2018.

4. From Dark To Light by Isabell Murphy

From Dark to Light is a beautiful picture book that narrates the story of Pumpkins when they were seeds to their adulthood, later them being used as Jack ‘O Lantern during the Halloween.


Genre: Picture Book

Pages: 24


This is one of the best stories to tell to children during Halloween. The illustrations are creative and narrate the story beautifully. It is short story that has lots of joy and excitement of the child.

I narrated this story to my four year old daughter and she would want to see pictures every day and asks me to narrate it again and again. She loves their names and the germination makes her super excited. The little angle has understood the process of germination that makes the book more fascinating to her.

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I would recommend this book highly if you have small wonders at your home

Author Bio:

Isabella Murphy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and two dogs. She wrote “From Dark to Light” when she was in 5th grade. In addition to writing, Isabella loves sports, music, singing and dancing. She looks forward to writing more books that bring joy to her readers.

For more information about Isabella Murphy and her writing, visit her website   https://isabellamurphyauthor.com/.


5. Mumblings From The Depth by Jithu Biji Thomas

Mumblings From The Depth

Mumblings From The Depth is an anthology of 21 short stories, very story commencing with four-liner poetry.  All the stories are of different phases of individuals and different individuals


Genre: Fiction Short Story, Poetry

Total Pages: 96


The story of soldier or that of the woman with Alzheimer’s syndrome or be it mother unfolding her emotions posthumously, are a rich trying to help the needy – all packed in one book. It has emotions, suspense, thriller, and thought provoking anecdotes. This is the first anthology I read and I have really enjoyed it. It is different. It starts with poetry and takes to story, sometimes have names sometimes without it; yet it kept me glued to the book.

It is available at Amazon at a very reasonable price. Click Here to buy.


Author Bio:

Born to simple and happy parents hailing from Kerala, Jithu Biji Thomas, an MBA graduate, spends most of his time thinking about life and other philosophical matters revolving around him. He yearns to find out ways that would help one to live out of the box – a box that the society has setup as a role model. He prefers to lead his life away from the rat race and is always found in the midst of good old country songs, great food and lots of tattered copies of books in some lonely green nook. He has been maintaining a blog for so many years where he scribbles down his mumbling. The blog is aptly named after the character of the blogger – living within the blog. This is his first book


I hope this list was helpful is building your TBR list. If you like reading short stories Click Here to read the Retributioner – Story of woman who fought back the odds at home.

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