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The Sobbing Girl: Part 7 – The Cure

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 7 – The Cure

The Sobbing Girl Part 7 - The Cure
The Sobbing Girl Part 7 – The Cure

It was almost a year since Meera got possessed by the spirit from the terrace. Vivek just got to know that his wife was suffering. Now he wanted to do everything in his capability to kick the ghost out of their lives. He still wasn’t sure if Meera had got her message or not. Neither could he ask directly from her as he didn’t want to leave any clue for the wicked soul that he knows about her. If Meera was having a very bad time, Vivek’s life too wasn’t a piece of cake. Meera wasn’t able to remember anything whenever she got possessed while the life of Vivek was horrible, he knew that he was living with the ghost. He had to present himself as a normal person in front of the new Meera otherwise she might harm her wife. Vivek had to wait to find out if his wife got his message or not. Vivek was now looking for someone who could help them to get out of this mess.

Vivek came across a name on the internet who worked in the field of paranormal activities. He had a Facebook account which was full of his ventures regarding his encounters with ghosts. He didn’t deal with exorcism but Vivek thought that he may know some person who might help Vivek and Meera. Vivek called the number given in his profile and made an appointment. Vivek reached on given time to meet Tarun. Tarun’s office was a normal office of an HR person of a company.

It wasn’t like Vivek had visualized it to be. Tarun greeted him with a warm smile and gestured him to be seated while he winds up his work. Vivek was quite restless while waiting as he wasn’t sure if he had chosen the right man for the purpose. After completing his work Tarun asked Vivek the reason for the meeting. Vivek told him that he came to know about him through the internet and his wife was going through some paranormal trouble.

Tarun wanted to know more and asked Vivek to tell him as much as he knew about Meera’s problem. Vivek narrated him everything he knew. Tarun listened to him very carefully.  He told Vivek that first, he would visit his house to check if Meera was actually having some ghost encounters or it was something else. He informed Vivek to call him when the ghost was in his wife’s body

Meera opened the door and saw a stranger standing next to her husband. Vivek introduced Tarun as a guy who dealt in CCTV cameras. Vivek told Meera that he had decided to install some CCTV cameras in the house. Tarun installed the cameras in his desired places and asked Meera for a glass of water. Without being getting noticed, Tarun poured that glass of water in a bottle and place securely in his bag. He then asked Vivek to come with him downstairs to show him his parking lot so as they can also place a camera there. Vivek followed him downstairs.

In the parking lot, Tarun took out the bottle in which he poured the water and added a few drops of a solution he carried in his bag, to Vivek’s astonishment, the water turned red, which was a proof that Meera was indeed possessed by a spirit. Tarun then opened his laptop to monitor activities of the ghost.  He got stunned when he wasn’t able to tap the movements of the ghost as the CCTV camera wasn’t showing any footage wherever Meera went. Tarun told Vivek that they have to know about the past of the spirit to find out the solution to their problem.

To find out about the sobbing girl it was very important that Meera should not be present in the house. Vivek called one of his friends and asked her to take Meera for shopping. Meera had read Vivek’s message so she decided to do whatever Vivek wanted her to do. As soon as she left, Vivek called Tarun who was waiting in the parking. Tarun bought somethings with him and asked him to bring something which Meera used, for example, her clothes and jewelery. Vivek was asked to switch off his phone as Tarun didn’t want anything to disturb them.

Tarun did inform Vivek about the kind of activities they may encounter during the session. He drew a big circle with a white powder. In the center, he placed Meera’s belongings and drew a smaller circle with sindoor around them. Tarun warned him not to leave his hands under any circumstances and asked him to pay attention to every little detail he saw during the session. Tarun lit a candle and brunt an incense and signaled Vivek to come inside the circle and hold his hands.

Vivek followed him. Tarun started chanting something, Vivek could not understand anything but felt some change in the surroundings. He heard a lot of murmurers and then screams, suddenly he saw some figures in their bedroom, he looked at Tarun who was still chanting his mantras with their eyes closed. Vivek was not weak-kneed, but the screams made him hold Tarun’s hand tightly. He saw ugly figures, ghosts encircling around them in the air who tried to grab them but could not touch them. He heard Meera screaming for help, this time Tarun clutched his hand tightly.

The whole thing was a dreadful experience for Vivek but he didn’t want to give up in any case. Slowly everything settled down and they could see a home similar to theirs except the wall dividing the bedroom and the dining area. They felt like they have time traveled and reached the same home but in the different time. They saw people talking and then the entire scene changed and they could see two human figures talking in the bedroom. The male was shouting at the female figure. Then he started hitting her, he came into the kitchen while dragging the female.

He took the kitchen knife, placed the female’s hand on the counter and with one sharp blow cut her finger. There was blood splatter in the whole kitchen area. Everything disappeared only sobs of the girl could be heard which turned into screams followed by an uneasy silence. Tarun once again started chanting some mantras and after few seconds he opened his eyes. He let go of Vivek’s hands and told him that they were done for this session. Tarun collected all the white powder and sindoor in different packets. He asked Vivek to bath before Meera comes back. Tarun left the apartment and promised to call the next day.

Next day Tarun called Vivek and inquired if anyone else knew about the couple they saw during the session. Vivek told him that the owner of this apartment might know them as he warned him before renting this apartment but he overlooked it as earlier he didn’t believe in spirits and ghosts. After meeting the owner, they got to know that the husband had an abusive relationship with his wife and never treated her with love and care.

The wife committed suicide by jumping from the building. On asking about the last rituals, he told that the husband did perform the last rituals of the wife but he too was found dead in the apartment after few months after battling with depression. He also informed the two that no tenant lived there more than few months as they witnessed paranormal activities until Vivek and Meera. Now it was clear that the soul wasn’t there to take revenge but to fulfill the desires which she could not fulfill when she was alive.  Meera wasn’t home when Vivek came back. He thought that Meera should also know about the truth behind the main aim of the wicked spirit. He took out Meera’s personal diary and started writing. The sobbing girl was not smiling anymore.

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