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The Sobbing Girl: Part 6 – I Am With You

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 6 – I Am With You

The Sobbing Girl Part 6 - I Am With You

While The poltergeist was busy in displaying her powers to poor Meera, she didn’t notice that Tara kaki didn’t die on the spot. God was listening to her and Meera’s prayers. It was Vivek who saw Tara kaki lying in the pool of blood in the staircase. He rushed her to a hospital, holding her hand while sitting in the ambulance. Not only Meera but Vivek also respected her as his mother. On the way to a hospital, Vivek felt like Tara kaki wanted to say something, he caressed her head and asked her not to worry as he is with her and she will be fine. Tara kaki knew that her end was near and she didn’t want to lose those precious few seconds. She signalled Vivek to come close to her, Vivek obeyed. “please save your wife from the wrath of the evil ghost” murmured Tara kaki and breathed her last breath.


Vivek didn’t understand at first but then those were the last words of a person whom she respected and trusted like her family. She won’t say anything meaningless on the deathbed. All the way to hospital and back he could only think about the message passed to him by the old lady. Considering Meera’s condition, Vivek decided not to share the dreadful news with his wife. Days passed by, now Vivek was more vigilant about Meera’s behavior. He would now clearly notice when old Meera changed into her new version and when her wife as back in her old self. Vivek too could feel the weird atmosphere in his house now as Meera used to complain to him which he didn’t acknowledge.

He still wasn’t sure about the spirit thing until one night when Meera couldn’t find the remote of the ac and asked Vivek to look for it. Vivek saw the remote on the ground near the mirror. He bent down to pick the remote, his heart skipped a beat when he saw the reflection of a white ugly lady sitting on the bed. He turned around to see that Meera was sitting there. To make sure he wasn’t hallucinating, he again looked at the mirror only to find out the same horrific figure. He was about to collapse when he took the support of the table and controlled himself. He went to the kitchen and poured himself a drink.

Vivek stood near the kitchen counter with a drink in his hand. His name was being called from the bedroom. He was more sad than frightened, sad as he wasn’t able to understand the pain his wife was going through. He drank half a bottle and went straight to bed. He wasn’t afraid of the duppy at all, he was concerned only about his wife who was in clutches of the evil girl. He felt nauseated by remembering the moments he spent with the malevolent soul. He behaved normally with the new Meera as he didn’t want her to know that he is aware of the fact that she is not her wife.

There wasn’t a single moment since the death of Tara kaki when Vivek hasn’t blamed himself for not listening to his wife. Vivek also noticed that during this phase a lot of things happened that were alarming, there will be a blackout in the building, some window pane will break, fresh fruits in the fridge will rot. Once there was the unbearable smell of a dead body was there in the house, all these crazy things happened only Vivek was with his wife. The other day ceiling fan came crashing down the dinner table. The last incident happened when he tried to get intimate with her wife. The soul wanted to keep him for herself only.

Vivek wanted to make up for his mistakes so whenever Meera was in own self, he always made sure he spent more time at home taking care of her. One day just to pamper her wife he booked a spa for her. Meera didn’t want to go but Vivek insisted. After she left, Vivek was preparing for some project report, he needed some paper and pen.

He didn’t know where Meera kept the stationery, so he thought of calling Meera but then he didn’t want to disturb her so he started looking in the drawers. While looking for the papers, he found a diary. He never saw any such diary before. He opened the diary and two words were staring at him ‘Personal diary’. He never knew Meera maintained a personal diary. Though it was against his manners to read someone’s personal stuff but on the thought of getting some clue regarding his wife’s mysterious condition he opened the diary and started reading from the beginning. He felt overwhelmed to read the feelings of his wife about him.

He re-lived all the precious moments spent with his wife while reading the diary. Meera has also shared how she felt the occurrence of the unnatural thing in their home. Vivek sat there reading the diary and cursing himself. Meera used to write daily until 22 June. Horror struck him when he read the terrace incident and how Vivek didn’t notice anything. Vivek felt like crying. After that Meera was not regular at her writing. She had shared all her experiences with the Sobbing girl and every time she would write “please God save me from her or take my life” in the end. She had also mentioned about some white figure who killed Tara kaki by pushing her down the stairs. Vivek was taken aback to know that Meera knew about the sad news even though Vivek didn’t want her to know.

Guilt-ridden Vivek sat there weeping with the diary in his hands. He could not imagine the pain his wife was going through all these months. He took out his pen and wrote a message for his lovely wife. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I am here for you and I will make sure that we are free from the clutches of the wicked girl. I Love You” and placed the diary back at its original place. He wanted to convey a message to Meera that now she was not alone in this fight. He hoped that Meera would read this message. Meera always wanted to have a small mandir in their home which Vivek always avoided. He also planned a surprise for her by ordering a wooden mandir. He thought that he will get the mandir fixed to the wall and then will take Meera to market so that she can bring her favorite God home. The doorbell rang, the carpenter with a wooden box was standing at the door. Vivek invited him in and showed her the corner where he will hang the box.

To his dismay, the carpenter wasn’t able to hang the box even after a couple of hours. He wasn’t able to drill at first then his drill breaks down. He managed to repair the drill but as soon as he tried to drill, the voltage dropped. After a lot of effort when he finally drilled the nails and hanged the box, he felt like a room was shaking and the wooden box crashed to the floor. He was baffled with all this and left the box there. Vivek guessed who was doing it but not could see the sobbing girl sitting on the dining table. She was smiling.

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