The Sobbing Girl
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The Sobbing Girl : Part 3 – No Secrets can come out

The Sobbing Girl

The Sobbing Girl – A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 3 – No Secrets Can Come Out

The Sobbing Girl Part 3 - No Secrets Can Come Out

Meera woke up in her room. It’s been months now, she would see that evil spirit everywhere, in the mirror, on the bed, sitting on the dining table, sometimes hanging from the ceiling. She would collapse, would wake up after days altogether without recollecting a thing. She has actually lost the track of time. In the last few months, her own life was only of few days and those few days were spent alone without any conversation with Vivek. Her husband never showed any signs of grief which further tortured her. She was in the worst phase of her life and her life partner seems to have no clue about the changes around him. She has lost the motivation to fight against the evil forces that have taken over her body and life. She would feel more worn out each time would regain her conscious as if the sobbing girl was feeding upon her energy.

It was different this time, she saw Vivek sitting by her side holding her hand. She felt a sharp pain in her wrist. After a lot of effort, she lifted up her wrist and saw a bandage on her wrist. Her movement woke up Vivek who was sitting on the floor while holding her hand. He might have dozed off while sitting there. For the first time in so many months, Vivek hugged her and started crying. He was behaving like a small kid who has lost her favorite toy and went sobbing to her mother.

Meera couldn’t move but she was trying her best to console her husband. Vivek pleaded her not to take her life again and assured her that he would never remind her of old times. He even promised her that he would not discuss their past and would only think about future. Vivek fell to his knees whimpering, he could only feel the physical pain of Meera but not the agony of her soul. Somehow Meera was finding solace in the sobs of Vivek. He might not know the exact reason for her pain but he was there to share it.

This incident also indicated Meera that Vivek did notice the changes in her and he might have discussed with her though she wasn’t exactly there in her body. This was like a glimmer of hope which gave Meera a reason to fight for her life and her husband. She had to know what happened to her and how she got hurt. She gathered all her strength and inched towards Vivek, she cupped his face in her hands and told him that she was really sorry for whatever she did and deeply regret what happened. She also promised him that she won’t repeat it again unless he explains all the events as she doesn’t remember anything that has happened.

Vivek got up off his knees and hugged Meera. He was happy that Meera was still there with him as he loved her so much and could not bear the pain of losing her. Then he narrated the whole incident of how Meera got very upset when he mentioned that Meera had changed a lot since they shifted in the new apartment. He further told her that Meera tried to cut her the wrist when he shared his feelings of how he sometimes misses the Meera he first met. Instantly he told her that he loved her new avatar.

The bold and carefree Meera. Meera noticed the last words, she now was aware that the reason behind those compliments was only to assure that the New Meera don’t try to take her life again. Meera was still in his embrace, she clasped his arms, reassuring her that she won’t do anything foolish now but she did want to know more. The physical pain had alleviated the mental torture she was going through. The trauma had brought to light that the string of love was still intact in their hearts. This gave her strength to fight for life and she immediately decided that she will tell the whole truth to Vivek.

Meera told Vivek that she has something important to tell him and then narrated the whole incident of the terrace and the episodes of her loosing conscious and waking up after days. As she was narrating her side of the story she noticed that Vivek wasn’t listening, she called his name but he didn’t respond. Suddenly she saw the Sobbing girl standing in the corner of the room and the next moment she was standing next to Vivek running her pale white ugly hand in his hair, head tilted towards one side and that evil smile running on her lips. Vivek could not listen to Meera’s voice as if Meera was speaking in the vacuum. Her message was clear, she wanted Meera’s body and won’t allow Meera to tell the truth to anyone. After that Meera didn’t utter a word. She just placed the head on her husband’s shoulder and tears rolled out from her eyes. The Sobbing Girl went back to her corner and smiled.

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