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The Sobbing Girl : Part 2 – She Saw Her

The Sobbing Girl

The Sobbing Girl – A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 2 – She Saw Her

The Sobbing Girl Part 2 - She Saw Her

Meera had a sigh of relief when she found herself in her room. Vivek was working on his laptop. She hugged her husband as soon as she woke up and thanked God a zillion time that her husband had found her and saved her somehow from that evil figure. To her disbelieve, Vivek was in his usual self, he didn’t inquire anything about her outing at the terrace. He didn’t even ask her why she fell unconscious. She was flabbergasted when he kissed her and left for office. She was still in the state of shock at her husband’s behaviour when she noticed her room.

The room was not the same how she left it. To her disbelief, the room was completely different, the colour of the walls, the décor, the night lamps, everything. But how was that even possible? How could Vivek change the décor in just a few hours? As he always came late from his office. after coming home, he might have found the house empty and would have tried to locate her. a lot of time would have gone in finding her at the top terrace and it is impossible to find workers at wee hours to change the decor and here she was sitting in a room painted in red, the colour she hated the most. she felt obnoxious in the room.

Confused Meera left the room for the kitchen. she wasn’t feeling good so she decided to eat something first and then would look into the matter. She made a cup of tea for herself and opened the door of the fridge to eat the leftover the cake which Vivek bought a couple of days earlier. A shock wave seeped through her body to see the contents of the fridge. It was stacked with non vegetarian food.

Meera knew that Vivek was fond of eating non vegeterian but he never bought it home knowing Meera was a strict vegetarian. Meera was unable to understand what was happening to her, first the room and now the refrigerator. She went looking for the phone. She wanted to call Vivek and ask him about all the changes.

Meera got another surprise when she turned on her phone. Thursday was the day blinking on the phone. Meera went to the terrace on Thursday then how could today be Thursday. Her world turned upside down when she saw the date. It was Thursday 29, June and not Thursday 22, June. A week had passed. Was she unconscious for a week, if that was the case why Vivek just left as soon as she regained her conscious? She was unable to accept the changes that were happening in and around her life. the room, the fridge and now the date, Meera weren’t able to think properly, she wanted to talk to her husband desperately but was unable to talk to him. She tried a few more times but in vain.

She was now exhausted and was unable to think rationally. Her body was not also supporting. In order to feel fresh and healthy, she decided to go for a hot bath.  She was stupefied to see marks on her body. Now she realized why her body was aching but was unsure how the marks appeared on her body. she had bruises on her body as if she was physically abused.

Meera could not understand anything that was happening with her after she saw that horrible looking shadow on the terrace.  Meera stood in the hot shower the longest time she could think of. The whole of the bath was covered with the steam from the hot shower. The mirror was hazy due to the steam.

She wiped the mirror with her hand and saw the sobbing girl on the other side.  Meera collapsed again.  She regained consciousness and was on the bed in her room. Vivek was sitting beside her working on his laptop, the whole scene was similar when she came to her senses after collapsing on the terrace.  She looked at their digital clock which displayed the time and the date and she was struck with surprise to see the date. she looked for the phone to check the date and could not hold herself together as the date was now 2nd July. Her husband kissed her goodnight and went to sleep.

Meera was unable to understand what was happening, her husband wasn’t concerned about her well being, she felt unsure and unsafe. tears welled up in her eyes, suddenly she noticed a figure sitting in the corner of their room. She was the same girl Meera saw in the bathroom and on the terrace sobbing but now the sobbing girl was smiling.

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