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The Sobbing Girl : Part 1 – She Found Her

The Sobbing Girl

A short fiction story written by Arsh Sharma that will glue you to the reading site, abstain you to stay alone at night, hug your friend or parent and give you goosebumps as you read along. Stay tuned for 8 episodes of The Sobbing Girl.

Part 1 – She Found Her

The Sobbing Girl Part 1 - She Found Her

Standing on the top terrace of a 25-story building, Meera had a mixed feeling of excitement and loneliness. She came from a very small town and was not used to the hustle bustle of the metro. Everyone here was busy and no one had any time for others. It’s been 3 years since she married Vivek, an Electrical Engineer from Kanpur who was trying to make it big in the city. She used to live with her in-laws until last month as Vivek could not find any good accommodation at reasonable price. Living in a metro city comes with its own price.

After many months of searching, Vivek found this studio apartment and asked Meera to shift. There was a lot of negative buzz about this particular apartment, so the owner was renting it out on a very reasonable price. Vivek didn’t believe in supernatural powers, as he was getting a good accommodation at a very cheap price, he decided to go for it. He was also aware of the fact that Meera might believe in all this scary stuff so he decided not to mention anything negative about the place. They shifted to their new home last month.

Vivek worked with a private firm hence he was mostly working and Meera was alone at home almost all day. To set up a house alone is not a piece of cake. Meera usually spent her whole day organizing the stuff from the cartons. Their apartment was the only one occupied on the whole floor. Meera found it very strange as it took months for Vivek to get a house and still there were apartments who had no takers. She had shared this with her husband also but he didn’t pay any heed. One day after completing her day’s work, she wanted to go to the top terrace to get some fresh air and also to see an aerial view of the city. To her surprise, the button for the top floor in the elevator was broken. She decided to use the staircase but found the door locked when she reached there.

Dejected Meera went all the way to the security guard to get a lame excuse that the president of the society has asked him to keep the door locked to avoid any problems as kids used to go and play at the top and an accident could happen. Meera wasn’t convinced by his reply but she didn’t want to argue with him and came back to her flat. Since Meera and Vivek have shifted to the new apartment, Meera always had felt strange things happening, she could sense a negative vibe but could not pinpoint the problem.

The weather of the city was hot and humid but the house always had a chilly feel to it. She will unpack things, only to find out the things were back to the boxes again. For first few days she thought that she is overworked and that is taking a toll on her senses but soon she was sure that something isn’t right. One night when Vivek was still at the office, she heard a sound like someone was there in the kitchen. She thought that Vivek might have arrived and he went to the kitchen to get his dinner.

To her dismay, Vivek came after an hour and asked her to re-heat the dinner. Meera couldn’t believe it. The other night she felt like someone was standing near the corner of the bed and staring at her but found out no one. She had a feeling that someone was watching her constantly. Vivek would not believe to any of her complaints. Meera wasn’t very happy with their flat but they had no choice. Living in a constant feeling of being watched always sent a shiver through her spines.

One day she decided to go to and meet the president to ask her about the keys to the roof. She met the president the very next day in the lift. When asked for the keys, the president informed her that due to some tragic incident, nobody was allowed to visit the rooftop of their building but after a lot of requests, Meera was given an extra set of keys to the terrace. She used to come here to enjoy the aerial view of the city. The head light of the vehicles made a wonderful view at night.

Vivek was doing overtime in his office and was expected to come late. She cooked the dinner and came here. She was looking at the lights of the vehicles on the road. It was a humid night, suddenly she felt an unusual chill in the air. She couldn’t understand the sudden change in the surroundings. She felt very uneasy with this change and decided to go back to their apartment. She entered the lobby and was about press the down button on the elevator when she heard some sounds.

It was like someone was sobbing at the other end of the terrace. Presence of anyone was next to impossible, she was there for almost half an hour and was sure that no one was there earlier and nobody had access to this part. Theirs was a guarded society and it was not easy to enter without a security card, so if someone was there he might be someone from the society. With a lot of things going on her mind, she decided to take a look and headed towards the source of the sobbing.

She was still feeling cold; the feeling of uneasiness didn’t leave her but she was curious about the sobbing too. There wasn’t proper lighting on the rooftop but it was a full moon night so she could see things clearly. As she neared the other end of the terrace, she saw someone sitting with folded legs and head bend down. As Meera was nearing the figure in the dark, the sobs were getting louder making it clear that the person sitting there was crying. As Meera walked further towards the person, she found out that it was a female in red saree who was sitting there. Meera was still confused how the lady can get there and who she was. With a lot of courage, she went close to her and asked her who she was and why was she sitting here and what has happened to her that made her cry.

The lady suddenly stopped crying and lifted her head. Meera froze at the sight. It was the most bizarre thing one could see. A pale white with no eyes, just two black sockets. The face was brutally cut all over with blood oozing through the wounds. Meera screamed but no one could hear her voice. It was liking she was screaming in a vacuum where no one can listen. She wanted to move but her body was not coping. The sobbing Girl smiled.

Author: Arsh Sharma


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