Love Sutra Book Review – Author Urvashi Pahwa

Love Sutra – Secret to Happily Ever After
Love Sutra Book Review
Love Sutra Book Review


Love Sutra – Book Review

Love Sutra is a guide to Happy relationships but instead of a do’s and don’ts list, the ideas are weaved into stories. Each chapter in this book is a Love advice that is shown with a diagnosis and a prescription – a solution to relationship maladies.

There are five stories about couples of different age groups and segments.

5 Stories

Casanova’s lover – Nisha gets betrayed in love, but she is unable to recover from her loss. The pain makes her lose faith in love, and she starts guarding her heart, ignoring every love opportunity presented to her.  How will she escape her wretched situation?

Rich Wife – Aparna’s life is boring because her husband is a busy man. She gets frustrated and starts thinking of a divorce when her sister-in-law intervenes to solve her problem.

Love Birds – Mohit and Aisha fell in love during their college days but later when they start living together, they witness reality – fights and constant blame game that happens in most relationships.

Miss Belligerent – An ambitious young man was on the path of realizing his dreams with his little startup, but his wife had her own agenda.

Mr. Always Right – Vasudha is a submissive wife who is trapped in an arranged marriage, with a child and household responsibilities. Her husband dominates her and at times, disrespects her.

Other questions that this book addresses:

What will you do if your ex-boyfriend blackmails you?

What will you do if your partner doesn’t understand your dreams?

What will you do if your beloved doubts your fidelity constantly?

What will you do if your girlfriend turns clingy and obsessive?

And many more…..

A short yet engaging read.

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About Author: Urvashi Pahwa

Urvashi was born and brought up in Ludhiana. She completed her bachelor’s degree in engineering from Thapar University, Patiala and started working in an Analytics company where she fell in love with her profession. She has a vast experience in Banking, Insurance and Healthcare domain.

She is a firm believer in her dreams and strives hard to fulfill them. She has written many poems and stories and likes experimenting with different genres. Apart from writing, she enjoys oil painting and preparing handmade gifts for friends and family.

Love Sutra – Secret to Happily Ever After is her debut novella.


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