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Kalian’s Lure – Back in Business (Vampire Story Continued)

“Shut up and let me think,” Kalian shouted.

“What’s there to think about? While you roll around between sheets with your whore, we starve.” Thomas yelled and threw his beer bottle across the room, smashing it into the wall.

“Do you all think this? Kalian asked gesturing to Jacob and Maze who was sitting on the couch pouting.
“He does have a point, it’s been months since she brought anyone our way, she even convinced you to let her take a job at a blood bank, instead of going out,” Maze said.

She got up from the couch and folded her hand across her chest. Her regular stance when she was in intimidation mode. Her short hair and over the top makeup made her stand out regardless. Her obsession with combat boots and skinny jeans was undying. One of the habits she picked up from this era.

“I was thinking long term; don’t you think the folks will start noticing their mates going missing? It was a good idea.” Kalian replied.

“I’ve been here almost as long as you and Thomas. We have been together for over three hundred years, and we’ve survived this long because we look out for each other and we never put anyone or anything before this family.” Maze said.

“The only reason I didn’t rip her throat out a year and half ago was because you said she could be our lure, but once again you fall for the red head. Five hundred years and nothing has changed with you brother.” Thomas shouted.
“I’m standing right here you know,” Sydney replied.

After being silent in the corner, she hadn’t said a word since things became heated. It was better to be silent in a situation like this, being the only human in a room of vampires.

“I’m keeping end of the deal, I kept all of you fed, for almost two years so give me some credit,” she said.
“You are still alive aren’t you?” asked Thomas.
“I do what’s best for this family, and you will respect that Thomas. You have always been a hot head and we will not be hunted down and killed because of you.” Kalian said.

“I didn’t survive the 60s to die of starvation Kalian, I’m open to hunting again” Maze snapped.
“I’m with Maze” said Thomas. But brother, I have one last question, did this bitch brainwash you when you drinking from her veins or sliding between her legs.”

Anger grew over Kalian’s face and he flashed over to Thomas, tackling him to the floor, he grabbed hold of his shirt and before Thomas could move, Kalian pulled back and slugged him in the jaw.
Thomas managed to get his feet under Kalian and kicked him straight across the room. he crashed into the table and was back to his feet in a second, getting ready to charge at Thomas with the wooden foot that was ripped from the table.

“What is wrong with the both of you?” Jacob shouted.
He spoke for the first time since they gathered. Being the youngest and newest of them all he figured it was better to watch and observed. He joined the nest five months before Sydney did. Being turned by Thomas and force to join their dysfunctional family was enough to drive anyone crazy. But he tried his hardest to hold on to his humanity, being in denial that he still has any, even when he tore into the necks of victims lured to their death by the sexy red head, he’d beg for forgiveness.

“You’ll see me dead for a whore brother?” Thomas yelled as he stormed out.
“I’ll figure this out soon enough,” Kalian said as he dropped the wood and dust off his clothes.
“I’ll do what I was kept alive to do, because lord knows I didn’t get my priorities mixed up. I’m staying alive and so will you. I’m going out tonight,” she said.
Her voice fell low and unsure has she spoke that sentence.

It’s the price you pay for breathing she thought to herself.
“Just be home when I get there.” She said and stormed off through the door.


Sydney sat in the mirror and stared at her reflection as if she was trying to see her own soul. She didn’t recognize the person staring back at her and it had nothing to do with the blonde wig and obscure makeup.
“Does this make you happy?” she shouted at her alter ego staring back at her.

This is no life, for anyone at all, she thought.
I’m a monster. No better than Maze, Jacob, Kalian and Thomas. Especially Thomas, I might as well become one of them. It might make everything feel better all I have to do is ask Kalian again. I’m sure this time he’ll say yes, I’m sure he’ll want to be with me forever. I want to be with him forever, even if that meant spending eternity with his ass of a brother and the rest of his nest.

Sydney got up from around the mirror and adjusted her dress. It was her favorite and it helped that Kalian loved it too. It was tight enough to show off her curves and with her exposed legs and breast it was more than enough to get any unlucky man to notice her.

Sydney sat at the bar and looked around. She sipped on her drink and pretended not to notice the man who has been staring at her for twenty minutes.

Can’t be too desperate, a trick she picked up from doing this long enough, she looked past him for a minute then finally bringing herself to make eye contact and smiled.
The man raised his glass to her and she returned the gesture. He was short and looked to be in his early forties. She was good at guessing ages and reading people on a whole. She needed to because one wrong move and she could blow everything.
“Hi, can I buy you a drink,” the man. Sydney turned her head to meet his gaze.
“Thank you but I think I’ve had enough,” she said.
“There is no such thing as too much alcohol,” the man said laughing.
“I guess I need convincing then,” she said pointing to the empty chair beside her and he immediately sat down.


“Are you sure you aren’t too drunk to drive,” Sydney asked the man as she settled into the front seat of his car.
“I’m pretty sure I am, but it’ll be worth it. Not every day you get to go home with a beautiful woman,” he replied and drove off toward her house. Following the direction she entered into his GPS.

She said nothing; she just stared out the window of the strangers’ car.
“My name is Mark by the way.”

The words burned into her brain. She wished there was a way she could avoid knowing their names.
“Be home, fifteen minutes.” she texted Kalian.

To be continued…

Author: Shanna-kay Kristy:

Shanna-kay Kristy is Jamaican, born and bred also a Lover of the arts and nature.
At a tender age she discovered magic and adventure on the pages of a book and soon set out to create
the same magic for someone else to stumble upon. Currently saving an imaginary world she created on paper, and laughing at her own jokes. Also very curious to what the true meaning of life is, and all the other stuff that people take very seriously.


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  1. Very engaging conversations! It is almost like these people are here with me. Enjoyed reading this and the first episode.

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