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Compensation Management – Flustering and Crappy

I was sprinting towards heaps of sacks with full energy and gist. I was amazed at the speed and energy with which I was running, till suddenly I realized that I have horse’s body. Bewildered I took

my gaze of the track, for a split of a second, and was astounded. Lots of horses were running with me and everyone has a human face. Someone was announcing instructions after every few minutes, that those who reached the finishing track first will have the biggest sack and the size will decrease for those who arrived later in the merit. I reached the finishing lane where the sacks were lying and seized the bigger sack and felt fortunate.

To discover what was happening I stood aside clutching my BIG sack in my mouth and proud in my head. Long herd of animals racing towards the finishing line with greed to seize the biggest sack. Horses were in first group, later were mules, dogs and lastly rats. Horses who ran faster begged the biggest sacks, mules the less big, dogs begged medium sized while the rats begged the smallest of the sacks.

In the era of globalization greed and dissatisfaction is a common trait. Hence many horses, mules and dogs took 2 sacks of the size they can grab in their mouths. Now as the numbers of sacks were equivalent to the number of participants, mules and dogs who reached lastly in their group got medium or small sizes which were actually for dogs or rats respectively – lesser than their actual entitlement. Another scenario is that rats and dogs that either started early before the start was announced or manage to climb a horse or mule were able to reach lines before horses and mules begging bigger bags – much bigger than their entitlements.

I was frustrated that even when I reached fourth why I haven’t taken more sacks. The imprudent nature of the race and seizing the sacks added water to the plant of my frustration tree. The plant grew to the size of a banyan tree; I grinned and stamp the land so hard that the earth started shaking. I too was shivering with the quack very hard feeling a grab on my right hand, and from a distant far-off land, I heard my name. The voice grew and I realized it was my husband calling me and shaking me up. Woke up and I went off to work.

As I was doing my work, the morning dream still disturbed me. I have seen many people earning more salary than their calibre just like those rats who somehow managed to reach the heap of sacks early. In my last job the GM, to whom I report drew 15 L pa, and he always asked me to write emails for him. The tricky ways the corporate jungle works and imprudent ways the compensation management is administered – it induces frustration in the people with high calibre but is underpaid. You can imagine what it feels when you have to report to GM who doesn’t even know how to draft a simple mail. With your advice, creativity and smart work your boss gets increment with promotion at the EOY. Lots of talented people are there suffering the corporate frustration, and to suffice frustration they get into the shady ways to climb the stair. Had the compensation administered as per the calibre and not merely on the number of the working years or who-knows-whom or even degrees, half the corporate world would be more filled with integrity and fidelity. Now every corporate wants an MBA. And what is MBA – a thing that anyone can do? I mean if you walk on the street, you will find a herd of MBAs who are jobless and simply dumb. Then what’s the reason for rejecting a well-talented person just as he/she doesn’t have MBA? This fact ridicules me. I wish if there some ways to make the compensation management more accurate right from the time of talent acquisition. Then definitely the horses with smaller sacks and rats with bigger sacks cease to exist. Everyone will have their share and a rat has to work to become a horse.



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