The Easy Land – Book Review Author Brajesh Chikharam

The Easy Land

The Easy Land – Book Review The Easy Land without Money Land authored by Brajesh Chikharam was launched on July 24, 2017, in paperback by The main character of the book is Mr. Instructor, a metaphor for God. Misako Ichikawa and Ajahar-El-Baz are characters that lived on Earth and were nominated to study The […]

Love Sutra Book Review – Author Urvashi Pahwa

Love Sutra – Secret to Happily Ever After

  Love Sutra – Book Review Love Sutra is a guide to Happy relationships but instead of a do’s and don’ts list, the ideas are weaved into stories. Each chapter in this book is a Love advice that is shown with a diagnosis and a prescription – a solution to relationship maladies.