Brahmahatya – Book Review Author Rajiv Mittal

Brahmahatya Book Review Brahmahatya is a fiction story that resonates the story of many old age people of India. India has a culture where parents and children always live together forever; even when they fight all day and seldom speak. Westernisation and the immigration of many young adults from the country have left the older generation […]

Love Me Forever – Book Review Author Nisha Gandhi Fofaria

Love Me Forever –  Book Review Love Me Forever is a romantic love triangle that will take you with different twists and turns to and hook you to the story. The Author of the novel is Nisha Gandhi Fofaria whom you will adore to have offered such a beautiful relationship for us to read and […]

The Easy Land – Book Review Author Brajesh Chikharam

The Easy Land

The Easy Land – Book Review The Easy Land without Money Land authored by Brajesh Chikharam was launched on July 24, 2017, in paperback by The main character of the book is Mr. Instructor, a metaphor for God. Misako Ichikawa and Ajahar-El-Baz are characters that lived on Earth and were nominated to study The […]

Love Sutra Book Review – Author Urvashi Pahwa

Love Sutra – Secret to Happily Ever After

  Love Sutra – Book Review Love Sutra is a guide to Happy relationships but instead of a do’s and don’ts list, the ideas are weaved into stories. Each chapter in this book is a Love advice that is shown with a diagnosis and a prescription – a solution to relationship maladies.