Brahmahatya – Book Review Author Rajiv Mittal

Brahmahatya Book Review Brahmahatya is a fiction story that resonates the story of many old age people of India. India has a culture where parents and children always live together forever; even when they fight all day and seldom speak. Westernisation and the immigration of many young adults from the country have left the older generation […]

Love Me Forever – Book Review Author Nisha Gandhi Fofaria

Love Me Forever –  Book Review Love Me Forever is a romantic love triangle that will take you with different twists and turns to and hook you to the story. The Author of the novel is Nisha Gandhi Fofaria whom you will adore to have offered such a beautiful relationship for us to read and […]

Two Courage Stories For Kids – Ready Your Kids To Fight The Odds

Stories for Kids India has not faced much terrorism since 2014, and that is the greatest achievement till date. It is the tremendous success to keep terrorism and its effect at bay and incorporate smooth functioning of the country when other parts are still fighting this debilitating threat. But that is not the only threat […]

Good Police Story That Will Bring Make You Believe in Indian Police

Manjitha Vanzara

A Good Police Story In India, it’s a culture to condemn police. (And I am writing a Good Police Story, haha.) Though, when we are faced with an emergency we dial “100” with all confidence that police will come and save us.  But when relaxed, we speak all things shit about the Police force and […]