True, Inspiring and a Good Police Story

Manjitha Vanzara

In India, it’s a culture to condemn police. (And I am writing a Good Police Story, haha.) Though, when we are faced with an emergency we dial “100” with all confidence that police will come and save us.  But when relaxed, we speak all things shit about the Police force and their practices. It is […]

Become a Pro Blogger with 100 Days Blogging Course

100 Days Blogging Course

Blogging is the passion and a profession that has now achieved new levels. Corporates and individuals have started blogging for reaching out their readers, who could be customers too, to disseminate information and engage readers while remarketing their customers. In the digital age, everyone wants to share their expertise in their field. 100 days Blogging […]

Practice Everyday to Succeed – Short Inspirational Story

Practice for Success

  You have to be elite at your craft to achieve success. The people who practice every day can master their goal and hence are different from those who cannot do so. Here is a short inspirational story from Indian Mythology to emphasize “Practice” to achieve your goal.

The Easy Land – Book Review Author Brajesh Chikharam

The Easy Land

The Easy Land – Book Review The Easy Land without Money Land authored by Brajesh Chikharam was launched on July 24, 2017, in paperback by The main character of the book is Mr. Instructor, a metaphor for God. Misako Ichikawa and Ajahar-El-Baz are characters that lived on Earth and were nominated to study The […]